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Barbados Tips

28 Jun

Tips When Traveling to Barbados

So you have decided that you will travel to Barbados this summer. That’s great! Barbados can be expensive so here are a few tips for travelling to Barbados on a budget.


  1. The first step for an affordable Barbados vacation is choosing a hotel.


Well, you have come to the right place. South Gap Hotel is a budget hotel in Barbados which offer simple, clean  and affordable accommodation. This combined with our friendly staff and an amazing view of the Caribbean Sea, makes South Gap a great value for money spot. If you are a light sleeper, please ask about our quiet rooms since we are located in the lively St. Lawrence Gap.


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  1. Transportation


Taxis are readily available when you exit the departure lounge. The cost from the airport to South Gap is usually between US$ and US$.


When on island, you can use public transportation which is only US$1 per person. Be sure to have the exact fare for the blue busses.


  1. Food


Barbados is home to excellent dining spots and we would of course recommend that you try at least one of these while in Barbados. However, cheap meals are possible and can be extremely delicious as well.


Food vans and vendors offer cheap, local delicacies and you can get a meal for as low as US$5 – US$10. A good guide is the number of locals they attract. There are also some inexpensive eateries nearby so be sure to explore.


However, our very own restaurant offers local food at reasonable prices. Click here to see their menus. Remember that US$ 1 = Bds$2 on the island.


  1. What to do


Always wanted to swim with the sea turtles? Then a catamaran cruise is perfect for you. However, if you are on a budget, you can still do this on your own. Plenty of guests bring back stories of swimming with the sea turtles at Crystal Waters which is a stone’s throw away from the hotel. Most areas on the island are also accessible by public transportation. You can also click here for more information about what will be happening in Barbados during your stay.


If you have any other questions during your stay please do not hesitate to contact our front desk.




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